You Didn't Take The Content Upgrade Offer!
Okay, I get it. Let me make One Final Offer

Maybe you got too many templates in my last offer or maybe you just couldn't afford it, so I did this for you -

I cut the package in half and lowered the price.

Check it out:

Custom Designed Content Pack Just For
Simply Maze Crazy

Step-by-step video tutorials are available to guide you in using your new templates.

12 Templates with almost *unrestricted usage rights


*Our only restriction is that we ask you to modify the templates before distributing - like adding a maze.  You can't just distribute them as given to you*

Templates come in an easy to add to png graphic format.  Simply open them in your favorite graphic program, add your maze and you're good to go!

You get one template in each of the following catagories:

You can even make your own themed PLR (Private Label Rights) mazes and sell them!

Give Me The Time Saving Template Pack Before The Special Discount Ends!!